Exclusive Interview: Director David Spaltro Talks Things I Don't Understand

Sean of The Daily Rotation wrote, "A short while back, I reviewed independent director David Spaltro‘s second feature film Things I Don’t Understand. The film is the rare independent film that is thoughtful, introspective, well acted, and well made. Unfortunately, the downside to plummeting equipment costs is the same as the benefit: Anyone can make a movie. All too often, that’s a long, boring, poorly planned, and horribly acted process. So when a film comes along that actually achieves something despite its limited budget and the other thousands of obstacles that sit in the way of an independent film actually getting made (or for that matter, finished), it’s something of a minor miracle. New York filmmaker David Spaltro is behind one of these miracles, and he has agreed to sit down to talk with us about Things I Don’t Understand, independent filmmaking,"

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