Is This The First Poster For ‘The Wolverine’?

Screenrant says

A sneaky photo potentially taken from director James Mangold’s offices reveal what may be the first one-sheet for ‘The Wolverine.’

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Crazay2588d ago

I like it. it seems to go along with the same rumors of who his enemy will be in the next movie.

Soldierone2587d ago

I don't like it. Too simplistic and if you were just running by you wouldn't really notice its Wolverine. Especially if its sitting next to Batman and Spider-man posters.

DarkBlood2587d ago

well only the hardcore of fans would easly get the poster, the majority may pass it off as some weird movie not knowing what it is

Soldierone2587d ago

Thats what I mean. I don't hate the fact that its like that, I just don't like the fact only this crowd will see it and be like "cool!"

If they go ahead with this, I guess it would be a good nod towards the fans, but overall the reception of it elsewhere will be like "wth?!"

MinimeJer052587d ago

Anything can be better than the first Wolverine film. Kind of looking forward to this one. I like the simplicity of the poster.

aDDicteD2582d ago

poster looks simple but i like the concept of it. though some may not get that it's a wolverine movie. it'll be good if they make another one as soon as the movie draws near