Breaking Dawn Part 2 Trailer Sneak Peek Is Here


It’s here, Twilight fans. Or ten seconds of it is. The sneak peek for the Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2 trailer has made its way online and it gives us just a glimpse of the action in the works for the series’ conclusion. Check it out ahead, but consider yourselves majorly spoiler-warned if you haven’t seen Breaking Dawn Part 1 (or read the last book).

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Crazay3382d ago

Snooooooore.......I just know I'm gonna be stuck watching this goddamn movie. UGH!

alycakes3381d ago

I won't pay to see it...I'll just wait until it comes out on dvd.

Soldierone3381d ago

I'm excited! BECAUSE ITS FINALLY OVER! Haha Only one more year of dealing with it.

alycakes3381d ago

The part 1 was so boring until the last maybe 30 minutes maybe that I just want it to be over too. I will watch the last one because I'm a creature of habit and I can't go thru all of it without seeing the ending but I sure hope I can stay awake on this last one.

aDDicteD3377d ago

i hope they make this one good, didn't like the eclipse and breaking dawn part.1