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The Walking Dead Season 3 Predictions

Well season two of The Walking Dead has officially wrapped, and viewers are now staring directly at a stockpile of fresh questions to contemplate. Where will the remaining survivors head now that Hershel’s farm has been overtaken by walkers? How far deteriorated is Rick’s mental state, and can he keep control over this dwindling group?

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Best-Horror-Movies3376d ago

After the finale of season 2 I'm really looking forward to season 3.

aDDicteD3376d ago

cant wait for season 3, it's promising that it'll have some twist and deaths along the way on that season and it's shaping up to be a one hell of a ride for rick and his group.

alycakes3376d ago

It sure's going to be a long summer waiting for it to return.

Soldierone3376d ago

I bet Carol will die next. Her overall story isn't that important, and she just keeps whining so I hope its true.

I don't think any more of them will die until they reach the prison, at which I think it will slightly follow the comic.

-MD-3375d ago

Carol definitely needs to go, Lori too. I can't stand either of their characters.

peowpeow3369d ago

If Lori goes, I hope she takes Carl too.

John Kratos3376d ago

*some spoilers*
I think the Merle prediction is a givin. He is most definitly running with the Governor. I think most of the predictions in the article are safe bets, and I agree with soldierone that Carol is going to die, along with Lori also. They both die at the prison in the comics and they're probably two of the least liked characters on the show so it makes sense. Also one prediction that I don't think was made. I think Tyrese will be in the prison as a prisoner or possibly a guard or something. Rick and co. met him in the comic after the Atlanta camp and before Hershels Farm, so I'm confident that he'll show up this season, and having him in the prison is the easiest way to do it.

cjflora3376d ago

I can possibly see Lori biting it, but I don't know that a television show would be brave enough to kill Judy. It'll be interesting to see how things play out.

John Kratos3376d ago

Yeah, I don't know how thy're going to treat sensitive material like that.

If I had I guess possibly a miscarriage early on for Lori/Judy. And they'll probably tone down Michonne's revenge on the Governor.

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