Could Jeff Bridges Be In Tron 3 After All?

io9 - Even though Tron Legacy wasn't the massive blockbuster hit Disney expected, it did make enough money to warrant Tron 3. So what happens next? While at WonderCon promoting their television show Once Upon A Time, Tron Legacy scribes Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz dropped a few hints for Tron 3.

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alycakes2990d ago

I enjoyed Tron when it came out but I hope they don't wait too long to get the next one out. I don't think it really matters if Bridges is in it or not either way it would be a good movie if it's done right.

StarWarsFan2990d ago

I hope they get on top of this as soon and possible and make the next one a bit faster.

Blink_442990d ago

I'm really glad they are making a third one

alycakes2990d ago

Exactly....lets not wait another 20 years.