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Hot Trailer: Snow White And The Huntsman

Universal has released an extended new trailer for the Rupert Sanders-directed Snow White And The Huntsman, the revisionist fairy tale that will be released June 1. The studio has also released a featurette on the making of a film that stars Charlize Theron as the sinister queen, Kristen Stewart as Snow, and Thor‘s Chris Hemsworth as the Huntsman. The fantasy setting looks a lot like Middle Earth. Universal debuted the trailer on Comcast-owned Trailer is below, followed by the featurette. It looks pretty compelling, and the key is whether the young crowd that wants to see Snow White wrapped in chain mail and wielding a sword. Will those images be too upsetting? Similarly ominous images did not keep them away from Alice In Wonderland, which triggered the fairy tale frenzy.

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alycakes3381d ago

I think I'll go see this one. It's still not exactly what I would want Snow White to be but it's I like this better than the other one.

Soldierone3379d ago

Is it just me or doesn't it seem like the Robin Hood they made? I said it before, but its basically just this big epic war like film that revolves around specific characters we already know about....

Could be good, could just be Robin Hood.

alycakes3379d ago

Kinda but at least it's got a lot of action in it and that's always fun to watch.

StarWarsFan3379d ago

I'm still not a fan of Kristen Stewart. With Twilight ending, this might be her final year of big stardom.