Embarrassing and Dishonest: TV's Portrayal of Gaming

Watching people play videogames on television and in movies is dishonest and embarrassing. Either gamers are lifeless husks glued to the screen or over-stimulated maniacs mashing on controllers. This medium deserves better.

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Soldierone2588d ago

I actually argued with my film professor over this too. We were filming something and he put me as the gamer. When I grabbed the controller i say there and pretended to play a shooter, but upped my pace and made my button presses more noticeable.

He got mad and said don't do that and to "smash buttons" and "go crazy" natural response is "who the hell plays a game like that?" Honestly it throws me off all the time when I see this. They start smashing away, and then they show the screen and the character is walking....its like wtf is that?

I don't think gamers and "nerds" will be portrayed correctly until our generation takes over. The generation in control right now are very stereotypical of us and that won't ever change.

thebudgetgamer2588d ago

Good point, I was watching a movie and they were playing Halo but not using the analog sticks, just bashing the face buttons.

Dac2u2587d ago

It drives me crazy, nearly everytime a video game is portrayed in a movie or sitcom, they just smash buttons and it's completely unrealistic. It probably shouldn't bug me as much as it does, but I just can't stand it.

FriedGoat2587d ago

What I love is when 4 people are sat round a screen playing with 4 controllers, but when it cuts to the screen they are playing single player.

whothedog2587d ago

They did this with driving too, but it has gotten better, in my opinion.

KrimsonKody2587d ago

Yes, I hate this!
I've seen sooo many shows & movies that do this, & I unconsciously find myself always checking to see if it's politically' correct.
Playing driving games using steering wheels, swerving left & right, yet, the car drives straight.
Using Lightguns to shoot things on-screen, & not hitting anything.
Everyone sitting down, playing the same game, with incorrect console controllers.
The changing of games on the screen (Tekken on-screen during one shot then Wipeout 2 seconds later? When was the game changed?).
& yes, I so dread the button mashing crap.
NO ONE gets anywhere playing that way!

But I do understand the effect that filmers are going for. They want the game to look fun & exciting. But dammit, learn to be more consistant with the material being shown.

HacSawJimThugin2587d ago

After reading the headline, I wanted to drop my two cents in on this topic but it looks like we all share the same sentiment. Tv and movie do a complete disservice to the gaming industry and us gamers with that button mashing garbage. I mean really? Who does that? Who truly plays that way. I've yet to met someone who plays with that "sitcom style". My mom isn't that aggressive with a controller and she owns a Wii and 3DS

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The story is too old to be commented.