First Look at the 'Green Arrow' in The CW’s New Superhero Pilot, Arrow

The Collider:
Plenty of good stuff has come out of WonderCon over the weekend, and now The CW has a nice piece of hype as the network has unveiled our first official look at the Green Arrow in their new superhero series Arrow. It shows Stephen Amell as the title hero, and I have to say, this image is pretty damn cool, and almost makes me wish this was the first look at a Green Arrow film as opposed to a network series. Either way, it looks like this will be a satisfying replacement for the now finished Smallville series so fans can still get their superhero fix at The CW. Check out the full image after the jump with a few details on the series.

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alycakes2590d ago

Very dark and myterious. I guess they'll start showing a little more as times draws near.

Soldierone2590d ago

Didn't even know this was happening! Wow! Green Arrow is one of my favorites, will be watching this in a heartbeat!

alycakes2589d ago should start in the fall I think.

DarkBlood2589d ago

by fall do u mean around september? lol sorry not very good with that kind of thing

alycakes2589d ago

Most of the new shows start around Sept. or Oct. but they really haven't said when they will show the pilot for this one so i'm not sure. I know they will annouce it as soon as they set a date for sure.

The CW is pretty good about keeping shows and if the pilot gets good ratings it will be a keeper.

DarkBlood2589d ago

should be a good replacement for smallville for me then providing they keep the shows on schedule of course lol