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The Walking Dead Cast Reflects On Finale and Looks Ahead

The Collider:
If you haven’t watched last night’s season finale of The Walking Dead, then stop reading this story immediately as it contains some spoiler action.

For a tease at what’s coming next season, we’ve embedded a video of the cast reflecting on the finale and what it means for our characters in the future. Check that out along with the full press release after the jump!

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alycakes3380d ago

Well, this tells us who it was under that we just need to find out what role she will take in their lives.

Soldierone3379d ago

The only thing that worries me is the fact that they already showed the prison. Which means they may have a few episodes of getting there, which will be highly interesting, but beyond that will we get another "farm" for a season 3? Or will they start venturing off like the comics?

Also I think they changed their minds with the way the show is going if you watched Talking Dead. They changed who will die etc...

alycakes3379d ago

Was the last episode exciting enough for you? After the slow season and all the whinning I think it finally got a little crazy there at the old farm.

Soldierone3379d ago

Yeah it was awesome, but like I said the only downside was it all had to be compressed into one episode. Something like that could have spanned 2 or 3.

eak33379d ago

Im sure they will reach the prison in the 1st episode of s3. It looks like they are pretty close to it already. From what I understand Michonne, the hooded character, will turn out to be just as important to the group as Rick is. She will be a main character and not just a support role for a few episodes. I still wish they would find the guy that helped Rick in the 1st couple episodes of S1.

alycakes3379d ago

The premiere episode is going to be awesome.