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IGN - The Walking Dead: "Beside the Dying Fire" Review

IGN - The Walking Dead season finale was a big one, that's for certain. And it certainly delivered on several things many views have been wanting to see for quite awhile, namely getting everyone off the farm and, it seems, towards a certain location fans of the comic books will be familiar with. Plus, one more big surprise.

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Soldierone3379d ago

Absolutely awesome episode! Spoiler below so be aware.

-Once again I have to say it. If they didn't waste so many episodes with slow things, we wouldn't have had all this crammed into one episode and thats it.

-I don't like how in Talking Dead they said that because this ONE episode had tons of zombies that it makes up for the lack of them the entire season.

-Lots of amazing transition for season 3, was rather awesome seeing it all come together.


Blink_443378d ago

Ugh i don't want to wait till October for season 3 :(

aDDicteD3371d ago

nice season 2 finale,, cant wait till season 3!! it's a very long wait though..