Michael J. Bassett Updates On 'Silent Hill: Revelation' And 'Solomon Kane'

Michael J. Bassett, the director of the upcoming film Silent Hill: Revelation, shares some new info on the status of the film, as well as what is going on with Solomon Kane. Check it out.

Silent Hill: Revelation is complete, according to Michael J. Bassett, the director of the upcoming 3D sequel. On his blog, Bassett explained that while the film is done, all they are doing right is now is waiting for the official word from producers, to see when will the film be released.

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alycakes2591d ago

OMG....I can't believe someone is finally saying the words Solomon blows my mind. That is a great movie and Purfoy is great in it. I have two copies of it in DVD but I had to get them from England because it was never distributed here.

DarkBlood2590d ago

wonder if silent hill 2 will be a direct to blu-ray release or released in theatres first

whatever the producers decide i guess

aDDicteD2590d ago

i know that silent hill 2 will hit the theaters and in 3d i believe

alycakes2590d ago

I think this movie is coming to theaters not direct to blu ray and dvd...I'm sure they wouldn't make it 3D if that was the case.

aDDicteD2590d ago

we need to see a trailer on silent hill 2, the first one was of the good videogame movies that was made and i hope that this sequel will be as good as the first one