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Ridley Scott Says There Will Be A Second 'Prometheus' Film "If We're Lucky," Plus U.K. Trailer

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If you'd like to cynically file this one under "no shit Sherlock," we won't entirely blame you, but hear us out for a second. Way back when "Prometheus" was first announced circa March 2010, it wasn't "Prometheus." Written by Jon Spaihts and conceived then as a full-blown prequel to 1979's “Alien,” when the announcement first arrived, Ridley Scott himself corrected journos that had asked about the prequel during “Robin Hood” press. “Prequels, two films," he stressed, noting both would be shot in 3D but wouldn’t be shot back to back.

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Christopher3378d ago

In other words, there will be a second Prometheus movie.

StarWarsFan3378d ago

I'm disappointed we won't be getting the return of the Alien with this movie.

alycakes3377d ago

Well I already know i'm going to like this one so I'm not going to get ahead of myself but I'm sure if and when a second one comes along I'll be going to see it too.l

aDDicteD3377d ago

excited about this movie