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“The Big Bang Theory” Feels Some Hate

AnalogHype:"With five seasons under its belt already, no rumors of the show cancelling any time soon and announcements of celebrities making appearances on the show in the next season, it is obvious that “The Big Bang Theory” is a successful show. There are hoodies that display “BAZINGA” on the front in honor of Sheldon Cooper and even many non-gamers or just those who are not geeks, can find the show funny without understanding half or more of the endless references to geek culture."

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alycakes4363d ago

I love this show and i hope it's on for many more seasons. I know that every week can't be perfect but most of them make me laugh and I like it when I can just sit and enjoy something because it's funny and it releaves my stress.

Razmossis4363d ago

The only funny thing about TV show, is the fact that its premise is 4 geniuses supposedly at the top of their fields, and its named after the most complex theory to ever be examined by the human mind. Yet the show itself is the most stupid, poorly written and dumbed down 'comedy' show on TV today. Rugrats was funnier

cjflora4362d ago

It's funny how hating things has become such a fad.

Canvas Of Flesh4363d ago (Edited 4363d ago )

I wouldn't say that people are complaining with it because it's not representing a group of people correctly. I would say people are complaining about it because around the 3rd season the show seemed to hit a horribly large wall made of stale plot lines and poor punchlines. The wife and I adored this show when it was about four socially inept guys and their girl neighbor across the way. Now it's your bog standard, sex and relationship obsessed sitcom.

Soldierone4363d ago

I agree with above. However remember when it was first getting going, they were actually somewhat digging down into geeky things and getting further. Lately it hasn't been that way, its been purely stereotype jokes. "haha its funny cus thats how I see nerds" not "this is how nerds are so its funny!"

I mean its still funny, but I can see why they are getting the hate.

As for not representing nerds right, they are right in some regards. I don't understand why "nerds" go right to MMO's, why doesn't at least one of them hate MMO's and choose to not play the game? Why do they use Dells? etc...

raytraceme4363d ago (Edited 4363d ago )

I do hate how a lot of advertising goes into the show itself. Playing xbox, alienware gaming laptops, imac desktop, iphone 4s siri, the latest episode with swtor mmo. Also I hate how Raj is becoming the loser in the show and you gotta feel bad for his character.

Soldierone4363d ago

Exactly. If this was a true nerd show wouldn't they argue over what console is better? then get together and laugh at Wii people?

Not a single one of them would have an Apple computer period, especially if they are playing a game on it. I can understand the ipod since they already made fun of Zunes, but come on.

Advertising before the core integrity of the show is why im losing interest.

Christopher4363d ago

I don't hate the show, just never found it funny.

RememberThe3574362d ago

Same here. I never got the humor, never laughed at one of their jokes. The show felt stale, boring, and like it was trying way too hard. But to each their own I guess.

-MD-4363d ago

The first 3 seasons were good but I've probably laughed twice this entire season.

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