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Playlist Review: 'Life's Too Short' Gets Darker, Grows More Incisive

The Playlist:
While Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant have been rightly celebrated for creating some of the best, most observant comedy of the last few years in "The Office" and "Extras," the success and brilliance of those shows have been possible due to their willingness to eviscerate the main characters. David Brent and Andy Millman both have their ego and hubris splashed heavily with buckets of cold water throughout both series. What has made both of those shows rise beyond their seeming sitcom trappings, has been the greater character truths that arrive as their grand ambitions face hard and harsh reality.

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alycakes3379d ago

I would like to watch this show but I guess I'll just wait and get the dvd series when they come out. I know they've got to be good.