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Prometheus Q&A With Ridley Scott

Today the official trailer for Prometheus premiered at Wondercom in Anaheim, Calif. There was also a Livecast of the interview and the official Prometheus Trailer for online fans.

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Best-Horror-Movies3379d ago

I'm really excited for this movie. I think it will be the movie of the year, easy.

Human Analog3379d ago

I am SO EXCITED about this movie. I raised my children on Alien, and Aliens. I am so happy I can bring them to a movie in the theater for them to see first hand like I did in my youth.

Hozi3378d ago

"I raised my children on Alien, and Aliens."

That sound so wrong man...I am sorry for your children.

reznik_zerosum3378d ago

sure better than bible,u dont want ur kids to become mel gibson

Ice2ms3378d ago

Ah the internet where you can judge someones parental skills without getting your ass kicked, I'm sure his kids weren't sat in a room every day and made watch the movies back to back or were given classes in Alien lore.

OT this movie is either going be really good or really bad, theres too much hype surrounding it for it to be "just another movie".

Human Analog3378d ago

You sir and an idiot. How old were you when you saw your first R movie? I am sorry for you and your closed minded sweeping generalizations. You automatically assume I am talking about 8 year olds? So lets take count. I have one in college going for criminal psychology, and another is a career army engineer. I think I did well. And it still doesn't change the fact I can't wait to take them to this movie so they can see it first hand, and not handed down through the years.

Hozi3375d ago

people need to chillax man. I think too much videogames and no pussy is causing all of you to have a shortage of sarcasm. I didn't mean it literally. I was just joking....jeezzz.

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aDDicteD3371d ago

cant wait for this one!