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John Carter Review: Furthur Proof That There Is No Life on Mars (TMP)

From TMP:

If I was a doctor performing a surgery on John Carter, I would have called the film's death about a dozen times. Its heartbeat kept slowing to a snails pace, and its pulse seemed practically non existent; what other choice did I have but to call it quits? I had to shut down the monitor, put away the defillbulator—it was over, and there was nothing I could do to save this film. But right before I would write the time of death, the film's heart rate would suddenly rise, and its pulse would miraculously return! I would be thrilled, entertained even! But before I could even begin to appreciate just how strong a film it was, the heart rate would once again collapse.

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Soldierone3381d ago (Edited 3381d ago )

I'm just curious who all here saw it? I know Alycakes did and enjoy it. I just want to see if everyone is going out and seeing it and getting their own idea of it, or just blowing it off.

The title somewhat was turning me away, but I'm glad we went to see it. I personally can't wait to have it on Blu-ray now.

(BTW no im not bashing a review or anything, I'm just simply interested to see what everyone here thinks)