LRA: The FP - Theatrical Review

LRA writes: YO BITCH! Are you ready to hear about one of the most off the chain mutha-fuckin' champs of a movie eva?! I hope so cause we ain't playin' around this time son, we gonna tell it how it is in The FP, one the first movies to come out of illest theater chains of all time, tha mutha-fuckin' Alamo Drafthouse! What we gots here is one crazy ass movie by first time directors, the mutha-fuckin' Trost Brothers yo. Now I gots to keep it real and tell it how it is straight up, no bullshit. This here movie ain't for everyone, as a matter of fact if you are pissed off or confused about what I be sayin and how I be sayin it then I suggest you back the fuck off and skip this shit and go see one of them other chucklehead movies with people kissin and shit. Otherwise, if you down with the 248 and want to help da fight to get the FP back then lets do dis...for reals.

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Christopher2991d ago (Edited 2991d ago )

I admit, I have no interest in reading the full article after the description above. None.

dweavis2991d ago

I feel as though I need to explain just in case there are some people that don't get the joke. That review is done entirely in the style of the movie itself. Read my other reviews for a comparison.

But yes, if that first paragraph turns you off then you WILL NOT LIKE THIS MOVIE. Which was my intent in case you were wondering.

Christopher2988d ago

Thank you for the explanation. I figured this was done in a style specific to the movie, so it does make me feel a bit better. I get it's done on purpose, but it still hurts my head a bit and I end up having to look up what stuff means. Such as "248", which I'm assuming is a reference to the Oakland area code?

I guess it would be similar to me forcing someone who doesn't geek all geek references to watch (or read in the same style) a movie (or review) with all geek references?