Gerard Butler Signs On For ‘Die Hard’ Type Action Flick

Millennium Films has just signed Gerard Butler to star in their latest action movie. The movie is entitled Olympus Has Fallen.

The script was written by newcomers Creighton Rothenberger and Katrin Benedikt. Butler will produce, along with his manager Alan Siegel and Millennium president Mark Gill. No word, yet, on who will direct.

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alycakes3374d ago

This is good news to me. I love this man. I mean I really love this's in a different way than Johnny Depp but he really puts his soul into a performance. He can go from being funny to doing something like 300 or Law Abiding Citizen but when he can do that and then do Phantom of the Opera and sing like an angel.....that really seals it for me.

I try to see all his movies including one that didn't get much press called Dear Frankie which I highly recommend. I haven't had a chance to see Machine Gun Preacher but I will as soon as it comes out on video.