Channing Tatum And Jonah Hill On Doing Their Own Stunts In 21 Jump Street

CB - Even in an interview, Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill kind of have the buddy cop thing going for them, Yeah, part of it is the fact that they're wearing bike cop uniforms, but they've got a nice balance between them, and not the one you would expect. Hill is a lot more subdued than you might expect from the brash characters he's played onscreen, while Tatum is talkative and very much a gentlemen-- when he complimented me on the strength of my handshake before the interview began, it was quite a moment for me.

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Blink_442596d ago

This movie had me laughing every second

Johnny Jiron2594d ago

Likewise. They made for an awesome pair. The subtle jokes mixed in or followed by the outrageous ones made for a consistently hilarious flick.