Marvel Sets 'The Avengers' World Premiere for April 11

THR Heat Vision:
Joss Whedon's superhero ensemble movie will officially bow almost a month ahead of its theatrical release.

For a handful of people, the wait for The Avengers just got a lot shorter.

Marvel Studios announced Friday that the movie will get a world premiere on Wednesday, April 11, at Hollywood's El Capitan Theatre. The heavily anticipated feature, directed and written by Joss Whedon, doesn't arrive in theaters until May 4.

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alycakes2589d ago

That just seems so terribly unfair. I wish they would just stick to the premiere date they annouce and leave it at that.

Soldierone2588d ago

This movie is going to be insane. I however won't be seeing it for at least a week. We went to John Carter a week later and we still got stuck with idiots that talked the entire movie, then said the movie sucks and left. Maybe if you shut the hell up and actually watch the movie you will like it? People were cheering when they left.

I can't imagine the stupidity The Avengers will have...I bet at least one person is going to bring a kid/baby to it....

DarkBlood2588d ago

i feel ya, you go to the damn movies to watch it not chat around as a hangout place lol

must not get too nuts over thier problems :P

alycakes2585d ago

I'm hoping that since kids will still be in school it won't be too bad for the first feature early in the day around 10am. That's the one I'm planning on going to and hoping I don't have to deal with those issues.