Christopher Nolan Screens 'Dark Knight Rises' for Warner Bros. Brass

THR Heat Vision:
Director Christopher Nolan has completed The Dark Knight Rises.
Or a rough cut of it, at least.

Sources tell The Hollywood Reporter that Nolan on Friday presented his first cut of 2012's most-anticipated film to top Warner Bros. executives, including film chief Jeff Robinov and production president Greg Silverman.

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alycakes2593d ago

I wish I had been a fly on the wall for that one.

JL2592d ago

Seriously, I cannot wait for this movie. Just thinking about it gets me excited like some kid waiting for Christmas. Just a few more months.

Also, I really hope they show up with this movie at SDCC. Should be going back and I would love to see something from TDKR there. If Nolan shows up, I'm going to be like a teenage girl at the Twilight panel lol

I really am expecting some type of early screenings at SDCC this year for this movie, though. Much like they did with Cowboys and Aliens last year. Though, considering how hard it was to get into that last year, I can only imagine the crowd this would draw.

alycakes2592d ago

It's going to be a madhouse for that one for sure. I wish we could go to it but we're settleing for the Dallas Comic Con. We went to the first one they had last year and it was pretty good so we figure it's going to be even better this year.

Stan Lee is going to be there for one, also Dave Prowse, Val Kilmer, Patrick Stewart, Adam West, and severl others. I can't wait to see Stan Lee again and get his autograph and picture again.

Soldierone2592d ago

At the absolute least there will be a panel there that you will have to wait 5 hours to get in, so that should be fun :P haha

Soldierone2592d ago

I was thinking yesterday where the marketing was for this film. Perhaps now that its finished they will start doing things? I mean Avengers and even Spider-man are everywhere. This is simply living off the fact that its Batman and Nolan lol

gaden_malak2592d ago

It's still got 4 months. Avengers is next month.

Soldierone2592d ago

Thats true, but we are also seeing Spider-Man advertising and a bunch of other movies. I know Spider-Man is somewhat "fighting" for attention so that could be the whole reason behind it. However Marvel is announcing action figures, reprints of the original comics, and all kinds of stuff. Batman so far has those statues and I don't think much else was announced yet.

I know the marketing will kick in eventually, I guess im just really excited about it all and want it to hurry up and get here lol

gaden_malak2592d ago

I haven't seen any Spiderman advertisements, but I live in Australia and we don't get the same as you do (granted I haven't seen any Avenger ones here either, only the online trailers).

alycakes2589d ago

I just know that this movie is going to blow us away. All that we have wanted and all that we have expected and a lot that we never even imagined is going to be happening in this movie.