The Hunger Games Countdown: Top Five

Courtney of The Daily Rotation wrote, "**WARNING: This post contains plot spoilers. If you have not yet read the book and don’t want certain plot points to be revealed to you yet, then stop reading now!**

I have to admit, although I really love to read, there is something about seeing what I have been envisioning as I read on screen. There’s nothing better than being able to complete that mental image with feeling like everything finally makes sense. In the case of The Hunger Games, there are definitely some scenes that I can’t wait to finally be shown on screen. Sometimes my head just couldn’t wrap itself around the things that were happening; other times I felt like what was happening in the book would be just so much cooler on the big screen. As I looked back on the book, I thought about my favorite parts, and what would be fantastic on screen. So here are my top five moments to look forward to in The Hunger Games movie:"

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