10 Ways To Reinvent The Batman Film Franchise After The Dark Knight Rises

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As summer fast approaches, so does the concluding part of Christopher Nolan’s epic Batman trilogy. Finally hitting cinema screens on the 20th July, few films are as eagerly anticipated as The Dark Knight Rises, which promises to give superhero fans one of the greatest interpretations of Batman that they’ve ever seen.

One question which remains is how Warner Bros can possibly continue to bring Batman to the big screen following the conclusion to Nolan’s trilogy. Will they simply go the route of the upcoming The Amazing Spider-Man by taking us back to square one with another origins story ? Or could they be planning to simply pick up the story of Bruce Wayne where Nolan’s film leaves off?

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alycakes2590d ago

There's some creative thinking let me see...which one would I pick?

NewMonday2589d ago

a reboot and tie up with the DCU is the next big thing.

but can it be done with the existing GL and upcoming Superman movie?

the Avengers movie is working because they were set up from day1, their is time to re-edit a set-up into the Superman movie, so it dose not contradict the outer space lore introduced by GL.

Soldierone2589d ago

I'm pretty sure WB all but confirmed that the next one will be a "reboot" with the possibility of bridging Superman Batman together. With that being said.

1 No I don't want Nolan's universe to continue, I want a new take on it now. If its going to be a reboot. If its not a reboot, it will still be hard to tell another story without christian Bale.

2 Is a stupid idea entirely to me since Batman isn't even comical in the comics anymore, and hasn't been for a very long time....I don't mind having a "goofy" villian, but to do that entirely is dumb.

3 WB does make animated movies still, and they are all AMAZING especially the Batman ones. however it won't ever make it to theaters, 2D animation isn't accepted anymore in the theater. Making it 3D seems like an entire waste of money.

4 We all want more in depth stories, but it doesn't seem Hollywood plans to do that anytime soon.

5 I love this idea entirely, and is the one I support. I'd absolutely love to see a Joker movie, or Scarecrow movie etc....this could be so awesome in many ways. Reading the idea along gave me a billion ideas on what to do.

6 First of all, NO! Dont let Batman fall into the crappy Twilight trend. Second of all, these small spin off stories are what we will never see from Hollywood, at least not anytime soon.

7 Once again it would take a more in depth movie to get this far. Personally I would prefer to see a Batman Beyond trilogy, in the 3rd one have this type of story where Batman comes out of retirement.

8 Crossing my fingers this is what happens in The Dark Knight Rises.

9 Already explained above in number 7.

10 Not gonna happen, end of story.

aDDicteD2589d ago

with the inevitable success of dark knight rises, i am sure WB will make another batman movie in the future.

i only see 2 ways on how they can make a continuity of batman

1.) Give it to a director that can handle and blend fantasy/action such as zach snyder. with the upcoming superman movie he can assemble the justice league. zach snyder has good credentials in superhero movies as well such as watchmen. and lastly a lot of batman enemies have a fantasy element in the that chris nolan cannot take advantage of and making him stick to the realistic realm.

2.) give it to a director that has a specialty on crime/mystery/thriller such as david fincher because we all know batman is the worlds greatest detective and david fincher has good credentials as a director in a lot of crime movies.

dreamtheater872589d ago

I personally love the idea of Batman in the Victorian era, with steampunk-esque bat gadgets. Sounds really fresh and could still be done with a gritty tone.

alycakes2588d ago

There are a lot of possibilities here and I'm sure WB will do something and again they won't be asking us for our opinion but I wish they would.

I think the villian spinoffs would be good.....but you know that they will wait awhile and then they'll make another batman movie.

Soldierone2588d ago

I bet they announce another Batman movie, probably Green Lantern too, after Superman release. If they are going forward with DCU movies we will also hear of another super hero, probably Flash. I'd like to see Aquaman though or martian manhunter.

alycakes2588d ago

The Flash might be a lot of fun to watch but Aquaman would be too...two completely different stories for sure but still fun. You know that as long as they sell they will will continue to make them.

Johnny Jiron2588d ago

It seems hard to make The Flash into a movie. Either we see things in his view which would mean the world at a super slow crawl (guess Zach Snyder could make that movie) or we wouldnt see the flash as nothing but a blur moving from point A to B.

He seems best as a secondary character when it comes to film.

Has there been a proper female lead based superhero movie? Theres plenty to dig into there if the studios can be mature about it.

As for continuation? Maybe bring in Robin or Batgirl as the primary character with Bruce in the background (suppose it will all depend on how rises goes about)

Soldierone2588d ago

They have attempted female superhero leads and failed majorly at them almost every single time lol....however Wonder Woman is still sitting on the table.

Personally I agree The Flash would be better as a secondary hero, perhaps a 3 hero movie is in order or something?

One movie I'd really like to see is Green Arrow, he is so awesome to me and I like his stories.

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