Jennifer Lawrence's Very Good Problem: Two Franchises, Too Little Time

THR says

Jennifer Lawrence, star of both Lionsgate's soon-to-be-huge The Hunger Games and Fox's X-Men: First Class, might soon find out.

Insiders say the studios are poised for a face-off over the 21-year-old's schedule as they move ahead with sequels in their respective franchises. Lionsgate is planning to shoot Games follow-up Catching Fire in the summer, for release in November 2013. A source says Fox is considering an early fall shoot for a sequel to 2011's First Class, which doesn't yet have a release date, leading to chatter of a potential Lawrence scheduling conflict.

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alycakes3385d ago

She's young and she's just getting started...she'll do just fine.

Soldierone3385d ago

Wouldn't surprise me if Fox pulled a move like this to take a cheap shot at competition....I mean you can't put anything past them at this point.

Thankfully at least both films are rather good.

aDDicteD3384d ago

my only fear is that if ever there will be a schedule conflict she might drop out of one franchise. x men did well and i consider it a revival after the disappointing X3, i dont want that movie to drop a notch because jennifer lawrence did a great job as mystique and her screen time in an inevitable sequel will add points. hunger games on the other hand looks great in early reviews, i know it will also be good.

alycakes3382d ago

I think she'll continue to do both. If she's that in demand they will work around her schedule if it's not too constricting to the movie itself. Anyway....I thought they all signed on for 3 movies when they started xmen.