The LRA Show Ep. 46 - John Carter / Silent House

LRA writes: Due to some technical difficulties we are posting this episode a little late but that doesn't mean we had any less to talk about. Things get a little off topic at first with my financial woes, some talk about the final chapter in the Mass Effect game series, some more Game of Thrones love, James' thoughts on the UK series Downton Abbey, the reveal of my Netflix Instant Stream Movie of the Week and Brian gives us a rundown on this past weeks box office winners and losers. We also find some time to praise the technical successes and condemn the narrative failures of Silent House as well as discuss the surprisingly decent Sci-Fi epic John Carter. Also make sure to stick around for a special treat featuring some candid and raw recordings of our technical issues we experienced this week. Featured music this week is from the "John Carter" motion picture soundtrack.

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