'Warrior' Director Gavin O'Connor To Direct Channing Tatum's 'Peter' Pan Reboot

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So what on Earth could Gavin O'Connor, the man behind testosterone drive fare like "Warrior," "Pride And Glory" and "Miracle" (okay, he also did "Tumbleweeds," but you know what we're driving at) find interesting in a Peter Pan reboot starring Channing Tatum? Well, here's the thing. Once you get the idea of Tatum in green tights out of your head (and the studio should really consider stopping referring to this as a Peter Pan movie) it's actually not a bad concept at all.

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alycakes2591d ago

I don't know that anyone is ready for a Peter Pan reboot and for sure not Channing Tatum with green tights on. I myself think it's a bad idea but I may be wrong.

StarWarsFan2590d ago

This gives off the vibe that it's going to go in the wrong direction just like Mirror Mirror already did.