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LRA: John Carter - Theatrical Review

LRA writes: Establishing any new fiction, pre-existing or not, is a difficult undertaking. The filmmakers have the unfortunate duty of translating all the complexities of the written word to the screen in a fashion that not only makes it comprehensible but also entertaining. That is exactly what director Andrew Stanton attempts with the translation of Edgar Rice Burroughs 11-volume deep Barsoom series of novels but there is another problem he had to contend with. I have heard many people claim that most modern day Science Fiction films have been directly influenced by the adventures of John Carter and from what I could tell there is a lot of truth to that statement. For me though it comes down to two simple questions, is it possible to still enjoy something that technically came out before the more popular franchises it influenced or will it come off as too derivative of those things I had grown up with and now consider to be the forbearers of all my childhood pop culture?

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Soldierone3382d ago

We just saw it, this movie was friggin awesome! Visually and story wise, that was great. Its been a while since a movie fully took over my head like that lol Really well done.