Nathan Fillion to Play Hermes in 'Percy Jackson' Sequel

Fox 2000's "Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Sea of Monsters" hits theaters in 2013.

The star of ABC's Castle has joined on to star as Greek deity Hermes in Fox 2000's sequel Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Sea of Monsters, based on the second book in Rick Riordan's best-selling young-adult book series.

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alycakes2594d ago

That's good...I'm not familiar with the role but anytime he chooses to play a movie role I'll give it the benefit of a doubt. He gives a lot of character to his roles.

JL2594d ago

Hermes is the god of trade, travel and athletics. You ever seen the sandal with wings on it? That's his symbol. He kinda played a messenger between the gods and humans. He also led souls to the afterlife.

It's pretty interesting that Fillion is being cast here. Seems like an "odd" choice, just because I wouldn't imagine him being involved with this movie. But definitely makes it interesting. Makes me that much more curious to watch it as well. I actually didn't hate the first one, so I would probably get around to watching this at some point anyways. But this makes it even better.

alycakes2593d ago

Thanks for that info...I have seen that sandal with wings and didn't know what it was. This is different for Fillion to play but it's okay too.

Lord_Sloth2593d ago

Hopefully this will be darker and more serious than the 1st film.

StarWarsFan2593d ago

This film has taken its time.