Midweek Mumble: Singing the Praises of Community's Unsung Heroes

Front Room Cinema:
Wow it has been a very long mid-season break, 93 days to be precise (unless my math is incorrect) and all the time we really were unsure whether it was going to come back or not. But tomorrow night in USA the third season of Community makes it return and I couldn’t be more happy.

Strange thing is I am very late to the party. A bit like with Breaking Bad, we only discovered the show last year and have been scrambling together DVDs to catch up. I am just sad I didn’t have it earlier in my life. It is the perfect show to watch an episode of whilst waiting for the kids to go to sleep, or after a long and BLEAK drama to lighten your mood before you go to bed. It is such a great show that the Troy and Abed handshake is now a constant feature in my entire family, although I think the girls think Mum and Dad are nuts….

The greatness of the comedy does indeed come from the great ELITE circle that is known as the ‘Study Group’, Troy and Abed are brilliant as is Señor Chang, but also it is supported, thanklessly almost by a crack squad of minor characters that help make up the complex and off worldly Greendale Community College.

Today I want to highlight my favourite of these lesser characters. Without which many of the episodes would not have a leg to stand on. OK so some of them only appear for a few minutes at a time, sometimes less but they a TV gold. So here goes.

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