'Snow White and the Huntsman' Featurettes Go Behind the Scenes, Reveal Footage (Video)

THR Heat Vision:
Three new looks at the dark take on the classic fairytale hit the web ahead.

Mirror mirror on the wall, who's the darkest and most evil of them all?
That would be Charlize Theron, as cast of the upcoming Snow White and the Huntsmen make abundantly clear. The Rupert Everett film drops a new trailer next week, but ahead of that release, Universal has unveiled three new behind-the-scenes featurettes that drop the viewer right in the middle of the epic action.

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alycakes2592d ago

I know this is going to be different than the real Snow White but it's still the one I want to see. I would rather see it than the funny one. I will always love the original and it will always be my favorite. I watch once a year...I guess I'm still a child at heart.

Soldierone2591d ago

This may or may not interest you. It doesn't have the big Hollywood budget so its a bit cheesy, but hey it interested me enough to look it up at least.

(I just wish they gave the budget to that crew instead, this one is looking to be like Robin Hood. Nothing like Robin Hood and just the character in some big 300 style war)

alycakes2591d ago

That is interesting...I didn't know that this was even out there to see...

Soldierone2591d ago

Can I just ask one question. Did Disney have like an exclusive time frame to use Snow White?

I know it is part of the Grimm Fairy Tales, but we didn't see anything regarding Snow White as a major release right? I mean there have been some made but its either on TV, they change the name (Sydney White for example) or they don't release to theaters.

Then suddenly, bam we get two Snow White movies in a year.

StarWarsFan2591d ago

Mirror Mirror just looks terrible, but I'm not excited about this one either.

aDDicteD2591d ago

not expecting much out of this movie