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Psyclops Unveils Dark Shadows From An Early Test Screening... Sounds Like Fun

AICN says

I was invited to an early screening of DARK SHADOWS last night in Burbank, CA. This is Tim Burton's version of the gothic soap opera that ran on television from 1966 to 1971. I don't know much about the original series or what the tone might have been, but this version is most definitely a comedy, and a pretty damned funny one. The lead character here is the vampire Barnabas Collins, played by Johnny Depp looking like the bastard child of Morticia Addams and Marilyn Manson. The film opens with a flashback narrated by Depp, showing a young Barnabas and his family leaving England for the New World in the late 1700's. We see the Collins family make their fortune and home in America, watching as Barnabas grows up to be a young man, and quite the heartbreaker. He eventually breaks the heart of the wrong woman, a beautiful servant girl named Angelique (played by Eva Green) who also happens to be a powerful witch. She curses Collins, destroying his family and the woman he loves before turning Barnabas into a vampire. Before long, Barnabas finds himself at the hands of an angry mob led by Angelique and is buried in a chained casket condemned to spend eternity in darkness.

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StarWarsFan3379d ago

Finally, a trailer for this has come out.