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The Hunger Games Countdown: It's Getting Crazy

Courtney of The Daily Rotation wrote, "I will admit, I was behind the times for the entire Harry Potter franchise, and didn’t really care to see the Twilight movies immediately upon release; however, because of my attachment to The Hunger Games, I am starting to realize how ridiculous people get when it comes to their obsessions. With that being said, I have put together a list of friendly reminders in your preparation for your theater visit, lest you be mauled by a stampede of crazies."

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Soldierone3383d ago

Not going to lie, this series is actually really interesting to me and might be one that I go see everytime a new one comes out if this first one is good.

I liked the first Harry Potter, lost interest after that. Twilight....well ruined vampires. but I was a massive fan of Lord of the Rings :D and have been craving that experience to come again.

aDDicteD3383d ago

cant wait for it, it's very near


Going to see this next week, never read the books always meant to but never got around to it...

parasit33383d ago

My high school digs this book series. Makes me want to read it, better yet I'll just watch the film - I'm lazy.