My Take Radio Review: John Carter

Slick from My Take Radio writes:
I said it earlier and I feel it is worth repeating, I really think that Disney, like Carter, has struck gold with this one. I cannot fathom why no one ever tried to make this into a Hollywood production before (again, forget that direct-to-DVD joint). Kitsch was solid as Carter and has the physique to pass off the abnormal strength, but put him in an suit and he does not look like someone with those abilities. That casting was excellent because you have a character who visually has an average Joe look in one place and in another he is simply the man. This story was part of a trilogy and overall, part of a family of eleven books. I would bet money right now that we see at least the two sequels after this one. The other books go into Carter's descendants, so that would involve all new casting. It is possible, but only if the overall trilogy breaks bank worldwide. Count on the return of John Carter within the next few years and definitely go see this movie.

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