Sin City 2 To Begin Shooting This Year

CBM says

Director Robert Rodriguez to finally begin shooting the LONG delayed sequel to Sin City later this year.

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Soldierone2590d ago

Honestly more excited to hear this news than a lot of movies coming out this year! I will be their opening day when this comes out for sure.

Crazay2590d ago

Sin CIty was an awesome movie. I'm all for a sequel.

alycakes2590d ago

Me too....I've been waiting and wondering when all this was going to happen. Hope it's as good as the first one or maybe if we're lucky, it will be better.

aDDicteD2590d ago

at last!!! hope they make it a more fast paced and darker tone. i really enjoyed the first one and since then every year i hear news that they will do a 2nd film but is move again and again.

StarWarsFan2590d ago

I never really liked the first one. It all just seemed ridiculous and boring.