“Super Troopers 2″ Script “Ready To Go” Say Broken Lizard Stars

There’s a big argument against Hollywood’s current obsession with tacking a sequel on to every successful film, but some stories are just meant to be revisited. Such is the case with “Super Troopers,” the 2001 cult comedy film that has gone on to have a continued life on home video in the 11 years since its big screen release.

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movieshateyoutoo2598d ago

I'm definitely looking forward to this. Super Troopers is one of my favorite comedies of all time and is probably my favorite comedy since the turn of the century. It's juvenile and is far from high art but I unabashedly love it. Hopefully the Broken Lizard writers will deliver a script worthy of the original.

Soldierone2597d ago

I'm interested in it. I loved the first movie, never laughed so much. However I can't help but be scared of what this might turn into....could very easily suck.