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Paramount Sets ‘Ninja Turtles’ For Xmas 2013, Tom Cruise’s ‘One Shot’ For Xmas 2012

Deadline says

Paramount has shaken up its release schedule, dating the Jonathan Liebesman-directed live action-CGI combo Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles for Christmas, 2013.

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Crazay3383d ago

I hope they gear this more towards a lsightly older demographic...I couldn;t tkae them going the Nickleodeon route with a live action/CG movie.

alycakes3383d ago

I'll have to see a trailer before I make my decision on if I'm going to see it or not.

DarkBlood3383d ago

alright looks like 2013 to be another good year of kick ass films with

man of steel
the wolverine

and other ones as good as the ones i listed that im probably forgetting lol


TMNT! i hated the cartoon reboot, tried too hard to be anime-esque came off very corny. Hopefully they can turn it around with the movie.