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The Daily Rotation - The Hunter (2011) Review

Sean of The Daily Rotation wrote, "Based on the novel by Julia Leigh, The Hunter is the latest film from Magnolia Pictures stars Willem Dafoe as a scientist working for a shady bio-tech company called Red Leaf, who is sent to Tasmania to hunt down what is believed to be the last Tasmanian tiger, a carnivorous marsupial that is much bigger and more vicious than the famed Tasmanian devil. The last known Tasmanian tiger died in captivity in the 1930′s, all Martin David (Willem Defoe) has to go on is rumor an hearsay. In the years since the last known Tasmanian tiger was taken into captivity, locals tell stories of sightings of the mysterious creature, but no one has ever been able to come up with any evidence to support their claims."

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