5 Unnecessary, Unwanted Sequels That Bit The Dust & 5 More That Are Somehow Getting Made

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Earlier today, producer/enemy of quality Neal Moritz confirmed what anyone with a brain and cursory knowledge of the box office charts of early 2011 was aware of: a sequel to "Green Hornet," his Michel Gondry-directed, Seth Rogen-led superhero movie of last January, isn't happening any time soon. The film wasn't a giant flop -- it made a good-but-not-great $98 million domestically, part of a total $227 million worldwide haul. Not a bad number, but considering the movie cost $120 million plus whatever they poured into the extensive marketing campaign, the profit margin was likely razor thin.

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alycakes2593d ago

There are a lot of sequels that I like but some aren't any good. I do however am glad they're making a Red 2, I wish they were making a Salt 2 and I do wish that Green Hornet had gotten a second chance.

Men in Black really didn't need to go this far but i hope it makes up for messing up the last one because it was aweful.

Soldierone2593d ago

Green Hornet 2 would be awesome, I loved the first one. I don't know where they could go with a SALT 2 though?

killcycle2592d ago

Jumper was a decent movie wtf

Soldierone2593d ago

I want to see a WANTED 2, it has a good story comic book wise and I'd love them to explore that. The game actually told a better story than the movie in my opinion....

I don't agree with GI Joe and Diary of a Wimpy Kid. GI Joe was done poorly, but it has that blockbuster appeal that NEEDS to be done right, and it seems they have figured it out this time. Diary of a wimpy kid also has good stories and should be told in theater for the entire family. We see all these books turn into movies, but Diary of a wimpy kid actually deserves it.

Captain Qwark 92592d ago (Edited 2592d ago )

GI Joe will get another chance by me even though the first wasnt that great. the rock def helps.

im over 14 and i thought wanted was awesome, id love a sequel.

jumper sucked and hayden is an idot so im glad thats dead.

also percy was a terrible movie i cant believe they're making another

Siren302592d ago

I very much enjoyed jumper and wanted.

Lord_Sloth2592d ago (Edited 2592d ago )

Jumper was a surprisingly enjoyable movie and I would love to see a sequel to both that and Wanted.

I have to admit that Percy wasn't BAD. Just not good. If they set it to a darker and less kid friendly tone it wouldn't be half bad at all. I dunno why the original was so childish when a character got stabbed in the throat with a Trident at the ending. That's like this new Star Wars trilogy having mutilations and yet still having the lamest brand of kiddy humor.

I'm glad GI Joe is getting a much darker and more serious sequel with Marlon Wayans screwing up the story of super soldiers in a vicious war. Storm Shadow and Snake Eyes carried the 1st film (no surprise there) but it's looking like the sequel will have it's cast stand on their own.

I despised Grown Ups with a passion.

Soldierone2592d ago

Did you happen to see the "children advertisements" for Star Wars Revenge of the Sith?

Lord_Sloth2592d ago (Edited 2592d ago )

No, I don't watch much TV, so if you're being sarcastic, it's lost on me.

Soldierone2592d ago

Sorry its episode one, but no sarcasm sadly lol

Lord_Sloth2592d ago

I see. "Oh hai kids! I'm Darth Mauly! Come watch Jarjar make an ass of himself for your amusement and prepare for the shock of your shot lives when I get chopped in half at the end of the film!"


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