Neal Moritz Admits Cost Of 3D Conversion & L.A. Shoot Have Killed Plans For A 'Green Hornet' Sequel

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It was a rough and bumpy ride for "The Green Hornet" as it made its way to theaters. With chatter of studio dissatisfaction, poor test audience results, shifting release dates and a late game decision to convert to 3D, the superhero flick still managed to bank a respectable, if not quite blockbuster worthy $227 million worldwide. Sequel plans were always in works, with screenwriter Evan Goldberg saying before the film's release that the story for a followup was already mapped out. And while some folks have been holding out hope that Britt Reid would be back in action, the film's producer has candidly confirmed it's likely not going to happen.

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alycakes2597d ago

It's really a shame because I was one of those that liked the Green Hornet. I went to see it a few times and thought it was so entertaining like it was meant to be. It was funny and had a pretty good story to it and some good action scenes. I got a kick out of it. I thought a sequel would be a good idea....I guess I'll stop looking for one.

MinimeJer052596d ago

Bummer. I actually enjoyed the first film. Wasn't amazing, but I laughed.