Sneak Peek: Sandler's Animated 'Hotel Transylvania'

USA Today:
The Grown Ups star gives voice to Dracula and his famous fangs as he stars in the animated comedy Hotel Transylvania, opening Sept. 28.

"It's refreshing to go back to the beginning of Dracula — and then have Adam Sandler put his spin on it," says director Genndy Tartakovsky. "There will be no sparkling skin. But there are a lot of jokes."

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alycakes3315d ago

I don't remember hearing of this before. I'm sure the kids will probably like it but I don't think it's for me.

Soldierone3315d ago

The art style is really intriquing, I just hope Sandler does well in it.

alycakes3314d ago

Yeah, because maybe if you don't have to see his face he might do pretty good.

aDDicteD3310d ago

based on the voice cast, this might be good. it might as well be as good as despicable me. adam sandler may have stumbled in his previous movies lately but he is still very capable of delivering a quality movie, only few animated movies fail and even if this does fail to get attention on typical moviegoers it is clear that the target market are kids.