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The Hunger Games Countdown: Panem

Courtney of The Daily Rotation wrote, "I have been intrigued by Panem since the beginning of The Hunger Games. For those of you who have yet to read the books, Panem (the fictional country of The Hunger Games) was built up from the remains of North America (from what fate befell it is unknown, however, the area surrounding Panem is completely submerged in water from the west -think California) . Panem was originally comprised of the “shining Capitol and ringed by thirteen districts.” During what are known as the Dark Days, an uprising against the Capitol occurred. Only the first twelve of the thirteen districts remained, with the Capitol as the victor. To assert their control over the people of Panem, the Treaty of Treason was written, forming the Hunger Games as a yearly reminder and punishment for the uprising of the districts."

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