Why It's Okay That Joss Whedon Cut 45 Minutes From The Avengers

From TMP:

Fan boys have been curious as to how long Marvel's upcoming team-up movie might run. While I don't think many of us would complain that it'd be too long, a lot of people have worried the film will feel rushed with a shortened run time. Joss Whedon has now spoken up and confirmed the how long the film will be. While some fans may clamor for the footage not included in the final cut, that's not necessarily a bad thing, or what you actually want.

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DarkBlood2592d ago

i suppose 2 hours and 15 minutes is fine its been that way as far as i can recall since i dont remeber any other film being 3 hours

but i really hope he includes those cut 45 minutes in extras or in a extended version option when starting up the blu-ray menu option

i would really like to see what was cut for curiousty sake, which i think they should do it because eventually this stuff is just gonna get leaked to the internet somehow

Soldierone2592d ago

Its understandable, it happens with every movie. Its normally just a cut that never happens, and you wont realize its there until the blu-ray tells you.

As for the length I don't see whats wrong with long movies if they are good? If a movie is 2 hours long, and I leave going "wth that was 2 hours long?!" then thats awesome and I buy the blu-ray. If a movie is good and is only 90 minutes its like "well what do I do with the rest of the night?"

darklordzor2592d ago

Yeah if you look at film history (or even just the past decade) some of my favorite films have almost always been over two hours long...well over. Hell just look at the films that dominate the top spots on the box officer: Avatar, Titanic, Lord of the Rings (just to name a few), they are all fairly long films. I don't get why a lot of studios have the mentality that things have to be quicker or shorter.

alycakes2591d ago

Wasn't one of the Lord of the Rings almost 3 hrs long?

darklordzor2591d ago

Not almost, all of them were right at 3 hours. The extended editions went even past that.

Yi-Long2591d ago

... it's 4 hours long!

Personally, I hate it when movies get multiple cuts. I just want 1 cut which the director has decided on, and then never goes back to it. Ever.

So I believe LOTR should have been shown in the cinema completely uncut, just like so many other movies which were cut simply to knock off some time, and where the BR gets released with the extended/director's cut, which is not only the longer version, but also the much better version.