Warner Bros In Talks For Stephen King’s ‘The Dark Tower’; Will Javier Bardem Saddle Up?

Deadline says

When Universal Pictures said no to making three feature films and two limited-run TV series from Stephen King’s mammoth post-apocalyptic Western The Dark Tower, the partners in the film all pledged they were going to find a way to get a movie made. Well, I hear that Warner Bros is now very close to a deal that will give Ron Howard the chance to direct at least the first feature, potentially with Javier Bardem starring as gunslinger Roland Deschain. And Akiva Goldsman (who wrote the script) is producing with Brian Grazer and the author.

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Soldierone2598d ago

I think WB is a really good fit for the franchise, as they have a really good understanding of "different" comic books. A lot of their side projects (since they own DC) do rather well, look at 300....

I actually already thought WB was in talks to have it after Universal dropped it. I think it was a massive mistake by Universal, I know they are in a slump right now, but this could be rather awesome.

StarWarsFan2597d ago

I hope they revisit Dreamcatcher one day. That was such a lost opportunity.