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'Horrible Bosses' Duo Want Chevy Chase Back for 'Vacation' Reboot

THR says

"We intend to have a part for Clark Griswold," writer/director John Francis Daley tells THR. "We're hoping he'll be down to come back."

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Crazay3384d ago

That's fantastic news. I'd love to see him back as Clark.

Soldierone3384d ago

I'd like to see him in maybe a "grandpa" type role perhaps. I think it would help ease the pain of them "remaking" this for some odd reason. If they want the tradition to transfer hands, they need the man himself handing it off.

Crazay3384d ago

He'd have to be the grandfather role for sure. I think that they could do a really good Christmas Vacation sequel if they could get Johnny Galecki back in the role of Rusty and Juliette Lewis as Audrey with Chevy and Beverly.

Ok toss in some Randy Quaid.

StarWarsFan3383d ago

It's going to be hard to match the magic and chemistry of the first ones.

Defectiv3_Detectiv33383d ago

No Randy Quaid, No Chevy Chase, No deal.

I was really let down by horrible bosses myself, fun premise, a lot of talented cast members, but it just didn't pan out. 2011 was a weak year for comedies in general.