The Walking Dead: Reboot Time

Newsday - And with Shane's -- Jon Bernthal -- departure last night, the many fans of "The Walking Dead" have now come full circle: They are, in a very real sense, back to the very beginning.

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Soldierone3380d ago

I don't think you can say that until after next weeks episode.


I read in EW "several" characters die, and obviously they will be pushed off the farm. To me it seems they are narrowing the group down so they can introduce brand new characters next season.

The question is who? Since killing off certain characters this early could be an issue with the overall story. They already ruined Dale's, but that wasn't "that" important anyways. However Glen, Maggie, Hershal, and even Lori have important roles down the road...

I guess its a matter of "whats okay with television" and how to work with that. Which is why I think Dale died the way he did instead of the comics way.

Blink_443380d ago (Edited 3380d ago )

I have a feeling Andrea and t dog are going to die and maybe Hershel.

Nightfallen3379d ago

Yeah, I have a huge feeling Hershel will die, either him or T-Dog.

xVeZx3379d ago (Edited 3379d ago )

i was pissed about dale at first but then i was like andrea is never gonna fall in love with him so that plot goes out the window...dont get me wrong he was awesome but whatever...

my kill list for next week would be:
patrica and herchel's son definitely...

t dog is probably gonna go because tyrese is coming soon and theres only room for one black guy...

hershals isnt going anywhere hes gonna die by you know who...

maggie definitely not shes way too hot...

they better not kill darrel ill go nuts...

andrea no way i think shes too important...

Soldierone3379d ago

Comic spoilers below

Very good points. I was only mad at the Dale thing because of the comics. The way he died there was so epic, however when thinking about it I think the whole "cannibal" thing isn't going to be included at all. If it is they sure as heck won't show it on TV and just hint at it, thus Dale losing his leg will never be seen.

I heard T-Dog is living till next season, but then again he is randomly talking and doing stuff now, so who knows.

Could be spoilers below, but Im simply just speculating....

I think the next thing will be Hershals kids (except maggie). They are not developing at all, and I don't think they want the "rape" scenerio popping up in the prison on TV, might as well just get rid of that not. Or kill the son, and let the daughter live?

The Glen and Maggie story is way too important to ruin, if they kill off either one of them I will be mad.

Daryl is the whole reason I like this season so much. I doubt he will go anywhere because he is a fan favorite BY FAR, you could potentially take a massive hit in ratings by doing that.

Personally I think they will throw another curveball at us and have Carol die. I mean after this point in the comics didn't she not really do much?

As for Andrea I'm not sure since we are getting a few dominate women coming up that could easily push her aside. In the "only" sneak peak, she was the only character stupid enough to run off into the forest alone.

StarWarsFan3379d ago

The second half of this season has been so much better than the first. I've said it before, but it's just more and more true with every episode.

NovusTerminus3379d ago

I have to say, I am glad the show is not following the comic. Keeps me guessing, so I can enjoy both with surprises.

I enjoyed the second season all the way. Second half much more, but leagues above season 1.

Great show, wish Shane did not get killed there, and not like that.

Soldierone3379d ago

Can't say I've enjoyed every episode. A lot of them were slow and they stayed on the Farm way too long in my opinion.

HappyWithOneBubble3379d ago

I agree. They stayed on the farm too long. I like to see some city action like the 1st season.

xVeZx3379d ago

i wanted carl to do it the first time and then rick takes him out when he becomes the zombie...

zeddy3379d ago

i liked shane. thought rick was a bit of a pussy. think back to when he was wrangling zombies back to the barn. shane was the one who really made hershel realize he was an idiot. plus he wanted to let the prisoner kid go when he obviously would have led his gang back to the farm.

killing otis was the only evil thing he did and had to otherwise they'd both be dead, ah well.

NovusTerminus3378d ago

Killing Otis was not evil in truth. Children above adults is the law. And either Otis, Shane and Carl died or Otis dies. That was it. If Shane stayed, Otis could not of made it back.

So Shane chose the only option that let Carl live.

eak33377d ago

I think the theory of trimming down the cast for new characters is a sound one. I'm sure more of Herschels people will die next week, perhaps Sophia's mother also. Darrel and Rick are the most interesting characters right now. Darrel is finally accepting himself as part of the group instead of an outsider. Rick is losing a bit of his soul to become the leader these people need him to be, but at the same time is not going insane which Shane clearly did.

As for Dale dying, to me its clear he was the actor demanding to leave the show due to Darabont's departure. That explains his rather pointless death. I think it simply was a hasty character write-off.