Irrfan Khan To Play The Green Goblin In Next Spider-Man Movie

DNA:Actor Irrfan Khan is undoubtedly one of the few popular Bollywood faces in Hollywood. He will now be seen as the new green goblin in the latest Spider-Man series, The Amazing Spider-Man. And the actor is all praises for the new Spider-Man, actor Andrew Garfield of the The Social Network fame.

“Andrew is an amazing person. He is restless and creatively challenged, always... like any good actor should be. I was quite impressed by the way he has grown from strength to strength in art. He has done a spectacular job as Spider-Man.”

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alycakes2946d ago

Well, that's very interesting that they already know what the second one is going to be about and everything and the first one hasn't even come out yet.

darklordzor2945d ago

This is...weird. They don't give their source for this info nor even mention anything about a sequel outside of the title of the article. It only says he'll be "the new green goblin in the latest Spider-Man series, The Amazing Spider-Man". That's referencing the first film (which isn't even out yet).

Something smells fishy about this. I mean, is he playing Norman Osborn? That's who the Green Goblin is in the Spider-Man universe, and frankly....he doesn't fit the role of Norman Osborn.

alycakes2945d ago

Well it was dated yesterday and it's titled in the 'next' movie and then it say in the latest Spider Man 'series'. I don't go figure. It is strange though.

Haven't seen you much this month...been working too much or hardly working?

darklordzor2945d ago

Been working...a lot! It's been ridiculous. We added that gaming site now, so I'm busy helping edit/run both sites now on top of writing as well. Been hectic, but trying to get back around.

StarWarsFan2944d ago

This is a weird choice. This needs to be double-checked.

aDDicteD2940d ago

i dont think this has been finalized yet, considering the that the movie is not out yet. and it wold be redundant to see goblin again, i mean, there could be a lot of villains to choose from right. the only way this could be confirmed is if this actor is playing norman osborne in the movie.