Before The Dark Knight Rises – 10 Batman Films That Never Were

Gotham City is a environment open to interpretation. One reader may view the urban conurbation as a land synonymous with fantastical tragedy with Gothic demonic structures rupturing from Hell, reaching to infect the Heavens with venomous smog and liquid night. An operatic land so immersed in darkness and corruption, that its evil dons the comforting smile of a jester – whilst its only hero basks in shadows; wearing the sinister, almost Satanic, image of a Bat.

Others may conjure the conception of hope from the Detective Comic pages – hope that heroism can prosper in the most dire of places – whilst some might synthesise The Dark Knight’s world of urban decadence with our own; thriving on the comic’s presentation of post-modern realism. This is precisely what makes Batman a tremendous character to watch on screen. With every new director; be it Burton, Schumacher or Nolan, we are presented with a renewed outlook on Bob Kane/Bill Finger’s creation.

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alycakes3390d ago

Some of these are to say the least very interesting but not too realistic. I did like the aritcle though.