Breakout Kings “Round Two” Season 2 Episode 2

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Episode Synopsis: A gang of vicious criminals escapes prison via an underground tunnel. The Breakout Kings find themselves cooperating with the FBI after learning one of the gang members is actually an undercover agent. When it starts to look like the undercover agent may have been turned, the pressure is on for the Kings to hunt them down and discover the truth. All the while, the team must struggle with the loss of one of their own.

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alycakes2600d ago

I may be the only one watching this show but I don't care because this is a good show. I like the characters and I was really sorry to loose one of them last was really sad when he got killed but the show didn't suffer quality because of it. Last night it was just as good with the cons at odds with each other at times and still dealing with the loss but they got the job done and one more month off their sentence.

Soldierone2599d ago

It came on after Storage Wars so I was watching it. I liked the idea and story of the episode, but is the show rather amateurish in terms of acting and filming?

Dunno if I was just watching an early episode or what. I wanted to keep watching because of the story, but then a women actor came in seeming like she was just a parody of the "hard arse know it all" women and I turned the channel.

alycakes2599d ago

You watch Storage Wars too. My husband and I like that show. It's about the only one we like to watch....they are so crazy.

Soldierone2599d ago

Yeah my GF and I love it. We watch it and other people are like "why is this on turn the channel" and we secretly smile at each other because we like it lol

Barry really makes the show awesome, but that other one "texas" version is terrible lol

alycakes2599d ago

We don't like the Texas one either. On that other show Breatout Kings...the woman you were talking about isn't a regular...she was just on that episode. The only regulars are the 4 cons and the bald headed Marshall that runs them.