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'Hunger Games' Star Josh Hutcherson Talks 'Red Dawn' and Confirmed 'Journey 3'

HitFix says

The remake of the 1984 Soviet-scare action film "Red Dawn" is finally slated to hit theaters this coming November, more than three years after cameras first started rolling on the project. The long delay was due to original distributor MGM's financial difficulties and eventual Chapter 11 filing, with the film being snapped up by FilmDistrict following MGM's final decision to unload the $60 million effort.

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Crazay3388d ago

This kid is a pretty ok actor. I think he could have made a pretty decent Peter Parker.

Soldierone3387d ago

The very first movie I wrote was a war story about USA getting attacked. I turned it in to my professor and right off the bat "It's too much like Red Dawn" I never saw the movie in my life until AFTER I wrote this movie lol

However I went and tried to get the script to agents or whatever, within a few months this project got announced lol So yeah I'm interested in it for some different reasons than normal haha

aDDicteD3385d ago

this guy's career will sky rocket after the release of hunger games, he is a good actor as i have noticed in his past movies.