See 'Iron Man', 'Incredible Hulk', 'Thor' and More at AMC’s Marvel Marathon

The Collider:
We’re a little less than two months away from the release of The Avengers, and the impending premiere is becoming quite apparent. Just yesterday we brought you a bevy of information on the all-star superhero movie from writer-director Joss Whedon, and now AMC Theaters has announced a movie marathon event set to take place the day before The Avengers hits theaters. “The Ultimate Marvel Marathon” will unfold in select AMC theaters across the country and will feature back-to-back-to-back showings of Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk, Iron Man 2, Thor, Captain America, and ultimately The Avengers.

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alycakes2998d ago

This would be a fun day at the movies if it was going to be anywhere near my house....and of course it's not.

DarkBlood2998d ago

yeah and all of those movies except thor and captian america would be new to me lol

Soldierone2998d ago

Not going to lie. With how big this movie is going to be for the fans, the marketing team behind it is sucking with things like this. How are lists for something like this so small? I'd assume (at the very least) every state with an AMC theater in it would get at least one theater doing it, and nope.

I mean its not like its hard for them to re open the film reels....

DarkBlood2998d ago

i thought the film reels were given back after the next 2 weeks or so?

Soldierone2998d ago

I hate AMC. High ticket prices with no student discount at all, even higher concession prices, and very uncomfortable seats. The brand new theater here that is all "state of the art" doesn't even have reclining/rocking seats, its like wtf? Sat through Tron there for some reason and wanted to stand midway through. Saying an entire day of sitting in those? I rather go sit on a rock for an hour.